Is it legal to visit the deep web ?

There are many stories about the darknet circulating on the internet.
Legends or not, theses gave the deep web a major place in modern culture, with series and movies about it.
This made many people curious about what it really is, are these stories real or fake? Can we find and buy ANYTHING on Tor?
The best way to find out is to check yourself.

But if everything is true is it even legal to use Tor and visit the darknet?

Short answer: Yes.
Tor Browser in itself can be compared to a complex VPN: It just routes and encrypts your internet traffic through different computers to hide your identity from websites you visit.
It is perfectly legal except in some countries like China or Iran.

But like many things, what can be illegal is the usage you make of it.
You won't infringe any law by just exploring the deep web, excepted sites containing child abuse content.
It is globally legal to visit marketplaces like Agartha, but not to buy illicit products from them.

So if you are on the darknet just to visit it is okay, but what if you want to do less legal things? Will cops immediately catch you?
No, they can't and they don't care.

Tor is protecting your identity so well that even countries trying to ban it, like China, fail to do so. Discovering the real identity of a Tor user is so hard and cost so much money that unless you are a most wanted criminal, no government will even try to catch you.

Using Tor and browsing the deep web is safe, but even if there is little risk to get caught, don't do illegal things, it's bad.

August 18 2020