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  • Description: Team Premium is the alliance of sellers providing top quality products around the world. fast and qualified support and delivery.

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Safe Website

30/12/2019 06:25:53

Anyone had good experiences with Rich Bitch? Been scammed by counterfeit vendor once, hoping the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

14/12/2019 19:03:53

Friendly support and good product, i star them

09/12/2019 11:50:05

work but expensive

30/11/2019 23:01:02

The only seller i trust now. Working with them since the begin of the year

26/11/2019 02:11:07

Iphones are not factory new but stolen !! Thats not a problem since their unlocked but wanted to warn you

23/11/2019 13:00:23

they're pretty professional, but response a bit slow

03/09/2019 09:54:31