Fast Money

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  • Description: Prepaid cards, credit cards, western union and paypal seller

  • SCAMcleaningmoneyguide2018paypalaccountbuy$79$99$119$139$159$179problemstransfer$600$800$1000$1500$1800 alpha

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Why Fast Money is flagged as scam

You wont receive your order. And really, design sounds like penis growth pills ads.

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scamm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO N OT BUY FROM HERE

14/02/2019 15:55:57

The best there ever is! You guys scared the living daylight out of me, i thought i had lost my money, not until i saw my android beep and i got the mail for the delivery, i am so speechless

14/02/2019 12:19:50

My mum just got her mortgage fixed all thanks to you, the money came in and i had so much debts to settle, but now i know i can start a new life

13/02/2019 15:35:16

I didnt know this was real!! it really took my guts, all this money in one place

13/02/2019 12:07:42

I just received my cards right now, i cannot doubt you ever again. I always thought the deepweb could never have honesty again

12/02/2019 21:22:14

This card is indeed a blessing

11/02/2019 09:48:45