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Empire Market Exit scammed, The rise and the fall of a great Empire

On August 21, 2020, our website crawler found that all Empire Market links where offline. Not so surprising, as the renowned darknet market was under constant DDOS attack for many months. However, this time it was different: A dozen hours later the service was still unreachable with no news from the Empire admins. Exit-scam rumors started to spread out rapidly on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums.

August 31 2020

Is it legal to visit the deep web ?

There are many stories about the darknet circulating on the internet. Legends or not, theses gave the deep web a major place in modern culture, with series and movies about it. This made many people curious about what it really is, are these stories real or fake? Can we find and buy ANYTHING on Tor? The best way to find out is to check yourself, but if everything is true is it even legal to use Tor and visit the darknet?

August 18 2020